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02 December 2015
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29.11.15. A historic letter from the Chinese Communist party leader Mao Zedong asking the British Labour politician Clement Attlee to provide support for China is expected to fetch more than £100,000 when it comes up for auction at Sotheby's on 15 December. The letter, signed by Mao and dated from1 November 1937, before Attlee became Britain's prime minister, is one of the first communications between the Communist leader and any western politician ... more  Add a comment

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While bargains are to be had at auction, for the uninitiated, I think it's worth quoting from John Carter's ABC for Book Collectors. "The novice collector does well to recognise that in a bookshop there is a strong bond of common interest across the counter, but that in the sale-room every man's hand is against him. If he is a man of spirit, he may relish the encounter; hoping to beat the professionals at their own game and be prepared to take a few knocks in the process. Yet if he is also a man of sense, he will only do so after careful reconnaissance, and then with his eyes wide open".

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