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Promote TheBookGuide - and help to support the UK's secondhand and antiquarian book trade.

TheBookGuide's main concern is the decline in opportunities for booklovers to delight in real book browsing.
Many large towns are now without a secondhand bookshop and book fairs are coming under increasing pressure. If booksellers are to continue to make their books available to the public in this way, they will need support.
Below are a few ways that you can help promote the richness and diversity of the secondhand and antiquarian book trade in the UK.

TheBookGuide Bookmark
Giving away our free bookmark is a simple way of encouraging other book- lovers to visit secondhand bookshops and book fairs.
    The bookmarks are printed on high quality card with a velum finish, which not only looks good, but also feels great (unfortunately the scan doesn't do them justice).
They are available free to anyone who is prepared to give them away. All we ask is that you take a minimum of ten and do your best to give them to people who will make use of them.
    Besides bookshops and fairs, libraries, schools, collages and bookgroups are just a few of the places they could be made available.

Order your bookmarks

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Link to TheBookGuide
If you have a book related website please consider a link exchange with TheBookGuide.
    Google is actively encouraging this type of link exchange between industry related websites, as it is seen as improving it's search results for internet users. Because of this, participating websites tend to be given priority in search results, which ultimately means improved traffic to both websites.
    As you can see from our extensive lists of book related links, we are keen to link with any site offering goods or services that we think our readers will be interested in. However, we regret that we cannot consider
link exchanges with individual online bookseller's websites, as this is not part of TheBookGuide's purpose.

Word of Mouth
Last but definitely not least, please remember to tell other people about us! TheBookGuide's popularity, and therefore it's ability to direct customers to bookshops and fairs, has grown largely as a result of word of mouth.

Finally, If you have any other ideas that will help promote the UK's secondhand and antiquarian book trade, please contact us.

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"It is far better to be silent than merely to increase the quantity of bad books."
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