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Books We Want to Buy
Below are listed some of the books and ephemera we are currently keen to buy. Before you offer us anything you should bear in mind that the majority of these titles are modern; that is to say produced this century and therefore need to be in at least VERY GOOD CONDITION.  This means they should be in clean second-hand condition and if there are any defects these should specifically mentioned in your description of the book.

Please offer any titles by the following authors:

This list is currently being revised.

Awdry, C. - Thomas and other train titles. - Ist and early editions in d/ws.
Gurney , Ivor. Most titles.
Hibbard, Shirley. -Ist and early editions.
Jekyll, Gertrude. - 1st eds and reprints.
Lee, Laurie. - 1st eds and reprints, particularly 'Cider with Rosie' & his poetry.
Loudon, J.C. - 1st and early editions.

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