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A Crib Sheet for Fair Organisers

We have up to 2500 unique visitors a day to our site and most of them are looking to buy or sell all sorts of books, maps and ephemera. The news section of the Book Fair Calendar is widely read and frequently commented upon – and you could be promoting your fair there for FREE by writing about it.

Several paragraphs focusing on what makes your event special will help potential customers decide how best to spend their valuable time. Short on ideas of what to say? I’ve listed below some of the things that work for those already promoting their fairs in this way.

  • Write about some of your more specialist dealers and the type of items they exhibit, or invite them to write a few words about why they choose to exhibit at your fair.
  • Promote a couple of items because of their broad desirability, quirkiness, specialist or local interest.
  • Emphasise the breadth of printed material on offer, friendliness of the exhibitors, qualities of the venue, ease of accessibility, parking and transport links, quality of catering, etc.
  • Suggest that visitors could ‘make a day of it’ by mentioning other local attractions and provide website links to them.
  • If you hold valuation sessions, bookbinding demonstrations, book signings, etc, be sure to mention these.
  • And finally, encourage visitors to review your fair on our site, to tempt others to visit.

The best approach seems to be to mix and match the above ideas to avoid repetition and keep it fresh – whether you are running one fair a year, or twelve. And don’t forget that the’ Press Release’ you produce for us could easily be turned into something of interest to your local media, making the investment of your time even more worthwhile.

Mike Goodenough