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18 February 2020
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Defective copy - selected ramblings of a book junkie
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 Interesting stuff

Interesting Stuff

31.12.17. I've added a lot new content to Defective Copy and tried to deal with the issues caused by link rot. This is a particular problem with the Book Town controversies, where a large part of the story relied on links to other websites. I've tried to address this with some new pages which attempt to give an overview based on my notes.

22.12.16. Defective Copy - selected ramblings of a book junkie. When we migrated to this new site in late 2015 lots of associated content - big news stories, controversies, opinion pieces, obituaries - lost their links. I'm working to restore the most relevant of these links but thought it might be worthwhile bringing some of that content back to life in a more coherent form ... more

02.01.16. Is the new site ok? This might seem like a strange question to ask, but the new site has been live for 4 months and I’m surprised by the lack of feedback. Alice, who knows about these things, says I shouldn’t be: “If it was crap, dad, they would have told you” ... more

02.09.15. Over the past 14 years TheBookGuide has developed from a collection of difficult-to-update static HTML pages into a flexible Content Management System (CMS) - which is both infinitely easier to administer and delivers information in a much more intuitive way.

This most recent website update now allows readers to search our listings by date, location, specialist stock, or services - without leaving that section’s home page. For example, now you can see which towns in Gloucestershire have secondhand bookshops, simply by hovering over an expanding menu. And with one click, you can now access all their details.

This of course is TheBookGuide's primary purpose - to get you where you want to be - as quickly as possible. However, after all these years lots of other content – big news stories, controversies, opinion pieces, obituaries ... are now all difficult to find unless you know what you are looking for.

The plan then, is to use "Interesting stuff" as a hub for all this material and for future reader generated content. And - as a dedicated ephemerist - I'm particularly conscious of the lack of anywhere to record the seismic changes in our trade since the millennium.

Well, that's the plan - all I need to do is find the time ...