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July 2019

Obituary: Donald MacCormick, bookseller specialising in Gaelic literature
Donald MacCormick the distinguished antiquarian bookseller, who has died aged 80, was a recognised authority on the literature, traditions and folklore of Gaeldom and as its pre-eminent bookseller and collector ... more  Add a comment

'Book ripper' on vandalism spree in seaside town
Hundreds of volumes in the library and bookshops of Herne Bay have had pages torn in half, but police remain baffled ... more  Add a comment

My Books - Ian Patterson
I've always needed to have books around me, quantities of them, ever since I can remember. There may be something pathological about it. When I was a boy, the eldest child of literate but not bibliophile parents, in a big enough house in suburban Cheshire, most of my pocket money went on books - Billy Bunter, Jennings, William, War Picture Library, Biggles, Arthur Ransome, bird books ... more  Add a comment

Message-in-a-bottle author found after 50 years
The author of a message in a bottle has been located some 50 years after he threw it into the Indian Ocean. Paul Gilmore, then 13, dropped the bottle into the ocean while sailing with his family on a liner from the UK to Melbourne ... more  Add a comment

Apollo 11 flight manual expected to sell for millions
A flight manual from the Apollo 11 lunar module could fetch up to $9 million when it goes on sale next week as part of an auction marking the moon landing's 50th anniversary ... more  Add a comment

Book bought for £5 may fetch £20,000 at auction
A book bought for a fiver two decades ago is expected to fetch as much as £20,000 at auction. Sarah Hickman, from Faversham, purchased the original 17th century volume at a bookshop and says she had no idea just how valuable the item was ... more  Add a comment

From bibliomania to kleptomania
Book-collecting can become a dangerous obsession, judging by the number of thieving scholars exposed by Stuart Kells ... more  Add a comment

15 arrests in theft of Galileo and Newton original books
In a joint action day, the Romanian, UK and Italian authorities arrested 15 suspects involved in the theft of 260 priceless antique books with an estimated value of more than Euro 2 million. The books, which included original editions of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, were stolen by a highly sophisticated international organised crime group (OCG), known to the authorities for committing a large number of burglaries throughout Europe ... more  Add a comment

Talking Maps
Drawn from the Bodleian's vast collections, this exhibition features maps from ancient, premodern and contemporary cultures across the globe, as well as fictional maps by figures such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, to explore what maps can tell us both about the places they depict and the people who made them ... more  Add a comment

Ulsysses first edition sells for Euro 85,000
A first-edition signed copy of Ulysses fetched Euro 85,000 under the hammer at a Fonsie Mealy sale of rare, antiquarian and modern books on June 18th. The estimate had been Euro 70,00-90,000. The book was No 30 from the first print run of the book by publisher Sylvia Beach, through her Paris-based Shakespeare and Co, in 1922 ... more  Add a comment

The Lost Gutenberg
Despite all predictions to the contrary, our love affair with books continues unabated. Some, though, have taken that obsession to extremes. One of these was Estelle Doheny. She started her career as a humble telephonist, but following her marriage in 1900 to multi-millionaire American oilman Ned Doheny (who liked the sound of her voice at the other end of the line and wanted to meet her), Doheny became one of the wealthiest women in the world ... more  Add a comment

From bibliomania to kleptomania
Book-collecting can become a dangerous obsession, judging by the number of thieving scholars exposed by Stuart Kells ... more  Add a comment

Historic Scottish book to be auctioned amid fears it will be lost to the nation
It is 'incredibly exciting', of 'national importance' and up for auction - but who will buy the 500-year-old text used by the man appointed by royalty to create the first non-fiction book in Scots? ... more  Add a comment