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Shelf:Life - what's new in the world of old books and book collecting, links to the news stories that matter, and occasional comments by TheBookGuide.  Archived Stories.

August 2009 Skip Free Registration

29.08.09. My mother has been rushed into hospital 130 miles away, so no news or updates until I can get back to the office.  Add a comment

No news today ...

I'm out of the office and will return on August 31st, so no news until then.  Add a comment

Google book archive plan prompts growing opposition

Opponents and supporters of the internet giant’s scheme are lining up for a legal fight over a complex deal agreed last year to fix royalty payments to author ... more  Add a comment

Google book archive plan prompts growing opposition

Opponents and supporters of the internet giant’s scheme are lining up for a legal fight over a complex deal agreed last year to fix royalty payments to author ... more  Add a comment

Kit Williams reunited with lost golden hare
The creator of Masquerade, Kit Williams, has been reunited with a hand-made amulet which he buried 30 years ago and thought he would never see again ... more  Add a comment

Forthcoming Frida Kahlo book denounced as fake
A collection of Frida Kahlo oil paintings, diaries and archival material that is the subject of a book to be published by Princeton Architectural Press on 1 November has been denounced by scholars as a cache of fakes ... more  Add a comment

How much harm does a bad book cover do?
If presenting Wuthering Heights like a new Stephenie Meyer gets people reading, does it matter? ... more  Add a comment

Forgotten Agatha Christie novel discovered
It had lain undiscovered for decades, gathering dust in a battered cardboard box in the attic of her holiday home, Greenway House, in south Devon ... more  Add a comment

Are luxury photography books recession-proof?

Six-figure sums are routinely paid for limited-edition photography books – and publishers tell us they've mined art gold ... more  Add a comment

Giant knitted poem takes shape
More than 800 volunteers busy creating the letters for woollen verse to be unveiled in October to mark Poetry Society centenary ... more  Add a comment

Chance to 'sponsor' Bard's verse
One of the world's most famous songs, Auld Lang Syne, could fetch up to £50,000 at auction - but the winner will not be able to take it home ... more  Add a comment

Author William Golding tried to rape teenager

Lord of the Flies author's memoir describes how attempted attack happened while he was on holiday during studies at Oxford university ... more  Add a comment

Artist creates famous faces from phone books
These amazingly detailed celebrity faces may look like sketches but they are in fact carved out of unwanted phone books ... more  Add a comment

Old cookbooks that won't gather dust
Our kitchen shelves should contain as many classic cookbooks as new ones, says Tom Parker Bowles ... more  Add a comment

Hitler Album could shed light on missing looted art
A newly discovered catalogue of artworks stolen by Nazis compiled for Adolf Hitler could help unravel the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of lost materpieces seized during the Second World War ... more  Add a comment

Sherlock Holmes appears in pulp drag

Beloved detective 'playfully repackaged' to reach readers who avoid classic books ... more  Add a comment

Edward Wilson's 1911 Antarctic journey up for sale
Next month, Bonhams is to auction one of the most significant items of memorabilia from the Edwardian era of Antarctic exploration to come on the market for 20 years: Edward Wilson's 40-page handwritten account of the 1911 journey ... more  Add a comment

Rare edition of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' sold
A signed, early edition of Adolf Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, has sold at auction in Britain for £21,000 ... more  Add a comment

Multiple map thief behind bars
A thief, who has already made off with nearly 70 priceless maps and documents from a number of Spanish libraries, and who was arrested by the Guardia Civil on Friday, had planned a route of robberies across the rest of Spain and abroad ... more  Add a comment

What lengths would you go to for a book?

John Gilkey has an aspiration for his life: to own a first edition of every book on Modern Library's list of Top 100 novels. The trouble is that Gilkey has no intention of buying any of these books, which include writings by authors F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov, Virginia Woolf, and more. Instead, he has tried to acquire them in another way: through theft ... more  Add a comment

Book lover takes to fourth plinth
A book lover from Kings Langley will take to the vacant fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square tomorrow to read extracts from this year’s Man Booker Prize nominees ... more  Add a comment

Library book returned 70 years on

A library book borrowed on the eve of World War II has been returned to an east London council - 70 years overdue. Iris Chadwick, 83, borrowed the score of the musical Rose Marie from Cubitt Town Library, Tower Hamlets, in 1939 ... more  Add a comment

Bloomsbury backs down over book cover race row
Australian author Justine Larbalestier has won a battle with her American publishers to feature a black girl on the cover of her new book, after the original jacket featuring a white girl provoked controversy from bloggers and commentators across the internet ... more  Add a comment

Tomb search could reveal Shakespeare's true identity
A sarcophagus in an English parish church could solve the centuries-old literary debate over who really wrote the plays of William Shakespeare ... more  Add a comment

Rare books can be decent investment
Rare books are not only wonderful to read and great to look at, they can also be a decent investment, says Laura Minor, manager of Bauman Rare Books in Las Vegas ... more  Add a comment

'Oxfam killed my booksop'

If you’re wondering why there is no coverage of this story, you will find it here  Add a comment

A bible for $3,750? I wouldn't go to Abe
Someone bought a Nonesuch Bible on AbeBooks last month for $3,750. This was Number 9 in the Top 10 most expensive books sold through this online second-hand bookseller in July. I can’t understand why anyone bought it ... more  Add a comment

Faber and Faber's tale of independence
One of the last reasons you might want to set up a publishing firm ought to be “because my wife doesn’t like the smell of beer”. Yet that is almost exactly why in 1925 Geoffrey Faber joined forces with Lady Gwyer, then a publisher of nursing manuals, to create Faber & Gwyer, a company that four years later became Faber & Faber, which this year celebrates 80 years of independent publishing ... more  Add a comment

Scholar interns at old bookstore

Students of literature often find themselves among old books in the dark reaches of a library. But Harvard University student Peter Bernard has taken another tack, spending most days for the past two months combing the antiquated works at a 106-year-old bookstore in Tokyo's Kanda Jinbocho district ... more  Add a comment

New Tennyson museum marks poet's bicentenary
An exhibition devoted to Lord Alfred Tennyson – and the many distinguished house guests who visited him – opens at his Isle of Wight home today ... more  Add a comment

Something for all at golf book auction

If you’re a collector of golf memorabilia, or simply have an interest in golf history, check out the auction of rare golf books and collectibles slated for Thursday, Aug. 6, at PBA Galleries on San Francisco ... more  Add a comment

L Frank Baum: the real Wizard of Oz
L Frank Baum failed as an actor, failed as a salesman, failed as a chicken breeder; good thing, then, that he wrote 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' ... more  Add a comment

Library reveals rare photographs
Rarely seen images from the early days of photography will be revealed in the British Library's first ever major photographic exhibition. About 250 original images, including work by 19th century pioneers William Henry Fox Talbot and Julia Margaret Cameron, will go on display in London ... more  Add a comment

Styled for the Road
The Wolfsonian–Florida International University presents Styled for the Road: The Art of Automobile Design, 1908-1948, an engaging exploration of automobile design in America from the 1900s through the 1940s. The exhibition, on view from October 16, 2009 through March 14, 2010, highlights the important role played by designers and visual artists in communicating the complex ideas that guided the development of automobiles, roadways, service stations, and advertising materials ... more  Add a comment

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