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21 January 2020
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I Try not to Moan But...

Guy, thirty something, comes into the shop at lunchtime and asks if we have anything that might contain old photos of a very specific, but (in historic terms at least) quite unremarkable, and therefore un-photographed, area of town.

In-between answering the phone, serving a couple of customers and trying to pop the odd crumb of food into my mouth; I do my best to assist him.

I pull the out-of-print photographic histories of the town off the shelf for him, put the old postcards of the town in his hand ... and then I remember.

I produce an original 1930's giant (10"x7") aerial postcard of the town which clearly shows the area, and indeed the lane, and - the very house he's interested in!

He engages me for about ten more minutes with stories of his parent's life in this house, and I identify various buildings for him and end up telling him, at length, about our battles with the local authorities to save some of them.

His wife is getting restless so he asks, almost as an afterthought, how much the card is. I tell him that it is £3.00, that's threeee pounds. "Oh I don't know" he says, "I think I'll leave it".

Mike Goodenough

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