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17 October 2019
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Ooh What a Lovely Shop!

Yesterday morning a large and very loud woman and her husband erupted into the shop. "Ooh what a lovely shop, just look at all those books!" Large lady proceeds to boom her way around, cutting a swath through the customers and periodically stopping to shout at another bookshelf.

Finally, she pounces on a title. "I've been looking for this book for ages! How much is it?" She is obviously Ignoring the prominently displayed price, so I tell her. "Ahh. I've had a very expensive month, but look at all these postcards, so many to choose from, how much are they?" I reply that most of them are 50p each.

Large lady demonstrates the agility of an Olympic skier as she slaloms around the numerous obstacles between her and the door, husband caught in the slipstream. She is gone.

Mike Goodenough

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