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12 December 2018
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16.11.18. Mark Valentine on why the net is not a good guide to book prices ... more  Add a comment

13.11.18. Tim has just added St Michael's Hospice Coffee & Bookstore in Leominster, which he says has a good selection of modern fiction and non-fiction with a selection of older books at the back.  Add a comment

11.11.18. 'Purpose of a shop: money in the till?' + 12 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

9.11.18. Plans to save Harbour Community Bookshop in Watchet ... more  Add a comment

8.11.18. I've just added The Holbeach Bookshop in Lincolnshire, 'a community bookshop run solely by volunteers offering quality books at reasonable prices.'  Add a comment

2.11.18. When the National Trust asked if I would list the Bookrooms in their properties I made it clear that I would only list those that could be visited without paying the entrance charge. Sadly, Some property managers have ignored this and if you've had a wasted trip, I apologise. If you report any to me I will remove them immediately.  Add a comment

1.11.18. Steve Newman writes: "So finally it is true. After possibly the longest closing down sale in history, Halcyon Greenwich has finally closed the door. And so goes one of the most interesting bookshops in London. True, stock was often all over the place and unsorted, but bargains were there to be had and I always made a point of looking in when in SE London. My thanks and best wishes to all the staff for the future, we are unlikely to see the likes of Halcyon Greenwich again in London Town."  Add a comment

30.10.18. First new bookshop opens in Hay since 2014. Green Ink Booksellers opened on High Town on October 25 and stocks a range of books with a focus on philosophy, history and literature ... more  Add a comment

30.10.18. Brighton Books one of the city's last remaining secondhand bookshops, once home to "Brighton's most famous bookshop cat", will be gone before Christmas. ... more  Add a comment

24.10.18. 'Why haven't I been to Carlisle and found this shop years ago?' + 18 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

11.10.18. "The only way to reach the shelves would be to dig a tunnel" + 19 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

8.10.18. John Allen reports that Halcyon Books in Greenwich are closing at the end of the month. "Until then they are doing £1 per book for the first 10 and then 50p thereafter. Probably no new stock coming in and some of the decent looking stuff is being taken to their Lee main shop but might be worth popping in to see if you've missed something behind the piles."  Add a comment

8.10.18. Laurence Batchelor has added Alfred Lenton, who's bookshop has remained undiscovered by our readers despite having traded in Leicester for 30 years or more.  Add a comment

2.10.18. As England’s official Book Town, Sedbergh is the North’s answer to Hay-on-Wye. Stephen McClarence pays a visit to a town that successfully started a new chapter ... more  Add a comment

1.10.18. When Laurence Batchelor visited the Malvern Bookshop the other day there was a note from Andrew Grant on the door announcing that the shop and flat are for sale.  Add a comment

1.10.18. "Very well laid out shop. Good stock, good prices, lovely location" + 14 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

25.09.18. Many thanks to Laurence Batchelor for his additions to, updates, and reviews of the Bookshops in Bedfordshire and Leicestershire.  Add a comment

24.09.18. I've just added MW Books in Claregalway in the Republic of Ireland, who have 150,000 hand-picked titles covering all areas of the Humanities and dating from the 1500s to the present day.  Add a comment

15.09.18. I'm out of the office until September 24 and with limited internet access, it will be maintance only until then.  Add a comment

15.09.18. 'This one even surpassed the Oxfam in Knowle. Low prices and a terrific stock' +  a massive 33 other recent bookshop reviews!  Add a comment

15.09.18. I'm out of the office until September 24 and with limited internet access, it will be maintance only until then.  Add a comment

13.09.18. Volunteers at the Pitlochry Station Bookshop are giving themselves a pat on the back - after raising a quarter of a million pounds for charity. ... more  Add a comment

11.09.18. How the owner of Sheffield bookshop Books on the Park survived to fly the flag for independents ... more  Add a comment

11.09.18. Dutchman wins Bookends bookshop in west Wales raffle draw ... more  Add a comment

10.09.18. Julian Nangle has opened Books Beyond Words in Dorchester and says that it is full of first editions, children’s books, some rare maps, illustrated books, an extensive collection of art books and some fine press books.  Add a comment

6.09.18. No-frills, pile-it-high bookselling, with an emphasis on genre fiction - and it's a formula that works, as people were queuing up to get recommendations + 12 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

6.09.18. Highflight Books in Dingwall have moved to a new High Street address in the town.  Add a comment

5.09.18. A new chapter in Wigtown's fortunes opened by book festival ... more  Add a comment

30.08.18. I've just added Browsers Bookshop in Porthmadog, which is said to have mainly new stock but 2-3 shelves floor to ceiling of great secondhand - all sorts, art, Welsh interest, railways.  Add a comment

30.08.18. "Margate is by no means as bad as Jon Morgan's terrifying description might lead you to believe" + 17 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

29.08.18. It would be easy to attribute Collinge & Clark's continued longevity to the store’s pop-culture status as the Black Books bookshop although Clark quickly pooh-poohs that with a swift and withering, "I can, actually, sell books." ... more  Add a comment

17.08.18. The manager of Amnesty International UK's Edinburgh bookshop plans to take the charity to employment tribunal after its internal process did not uphold her pay discrimination complaint ... more  Add a comment

17.08.18. An arts journalist turned rare books dealer has created an online store devoted to women writers and plans to open a bookshop in Soho ... more  Add a comment

16.08.18. I've just added the recently opened Frome Bookshop in Somerset, home to Noel Crack and Peter Foster Books. Together they offer hand picked books on subjects including ornithology and British wildlife, children's illustrated books, fine bindings, literature, art and first editions.  Add a comment

11.08.18. Paul Morris, owner of the Bookends Bookshop in Cardigan, West Wales has come up with a ‘novel’ way to sell his business, by raffling it off to his customers ... more  Add a comment

9.08.18. "Quality and quantity, some really scarce titles in one of my spheres of interest" + 23 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

3.08.18. "Shop looks nice but I felt put off by the sign in the window which states that if you want to browse you should go to Waterstones" + all the other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

31.07.18. Laurence Batchelor reports that popular bookshop G and J Chesters in Polesworth, Staffordshire, has to move from its current location in August and urges us to visit while we can. See Laurence's review of the shop for full details.  Add a comment

30.07.18. "It's very sad": Much-loved Wimbledon second-hand bookshop Copperfield's to close ... more  Add a comment

27.07.18. I've just added History in Your Hands, a bookstall in Eccleston's Bygone Antiques Centre and specialising in local, industrial and transport history. The centre, with more than 500 stall holders spread across 838,000 sq.ft, it might also hold the prospect of other papery things.  Add a comment

15.07.18. I'm out of the office until July 23 and with limited internet access, it will be maintance only until then.  Add a comment

10.07.18. "With every book only £1, there are some astonishing bargains" + 18 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

9.07.18. Sadly, Carol Clarke is closing Tiverton Books in Margate at the end of July and is keen to encourage bulk buyers prior to her last trading day.  Add a comment

6.07.18. Sharston Books - A hidden gem for any bookworm ... more  Add a comment

23.06.18. Bookbarn International's Darwin Room has secured its biggest order yet - all the way from Shandong Province in China ... more  Add a comment

14.06.18. 'Neil, the new owner, has done wonders with this shop' + all the other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

13.06.18. Chris Harte shares Michael Moon’s amusing promotional bookshop leaflet (see the second page).  Add a comment

6.06.18. Chris Harte went to the Penn Bookshop which is closing this Saturday and quality of the stock is excellent and the prices are rock bottom. He also reports that Copperfield's of Wimbledon is closing at the end of July. "Joe, the owner, is moving to North Lincolnshire and has 73,000 books to sell in a bit of a hurry. There are many bargains to be had with massive reductions, as I found out to my pleasant surprise. All books are categorised and range from Art (large holdings) to zoology."  Add a comment

5.06.18. The landlord of Adelphi Books, a small secondhand bookshop in Southsea, is increasing the rent by 50% - what can the owner do? ... more  Add a comment

2.06.18. "Either stop looking up books on your phone or f**k off" + a bumper 28 other recent bookshop reviews - including "the messiest shop I have ever been in".  Add a comment
    Must admit to having sympathy with the staff member in this instance, though a bit of tact would not have gone amiss either. There are few things that bug me more than book buyers, particularly at book auction viewings, moving along the shelves punching in numbers as they work their way around the room. If they need access to the internet to tell them the value of a book, then they know nothing about books and never will. It surprises me that auction houses or booksellers allow this on their premises. Am not saying that I don’t sometimes check prices online myself, but half the fun in book buying is finding a book you’ve never seen before and trying to judge its worth, by the very old-fashioned method of simply looking through it and forming an opinion. - Allan Campbell 08.06.18.
    I take exception to your glib and ludicrous assertion that 'If they need access to the internet to tell them the value of a book, then they know nothing about books and never will'. Some (many?) of us are booksellers and not collectors - something I guess you frown upon - and with over 50 million+ books listed online, to know the value of each and every single one is something that even Mr Memory Man couldn't hope to achieve, though you possibly could. Moreover, it is also impossible to know at what price other sellers have listed their own copy at in what has become a hugely competitive market. I regularly see some of the most successful and respected booksellers in the land looking up books online, but then, I guess, they too know nothing about books and never will. - Mandalay Bookshop 10.06.18.

1.06.18. For the month of June, all Missing Books' stock at Finchingfield Antique Centre will be available at half the marked price. This is to clear some space and make way for new stock.  Add a comment

31.05.18. Tombo says that if you want to visit the well-loved Cottage Bookshop in Penn one last time, it is closing on June 9.  Add a comment

30.05.18. I've just added The Real Books Shop in Porlock, which specialises in pre-Beeching Railway books but also stocks a good selection of fiction an non-fiction titles on other subjects.  Add a comment

19.05.18. I'm out of the office until May 29 and with limited internet access, it will be maintance only until then.  Add a comment

19.05.18. Here is a somewhat belated roundup of all the latest bookshop reviews. Thank you all for your patience over the last few weeks as I struggled to unpick 38 years of bookshop-keeping, a task which is now thankfully complete.  Add a comment

18.05.18. Hungry rats can devour great literature after a book donation by Bookbarn International to the Twilight World exhibit at Bristol Zoo ... more  Add a comment

18.05.18. Celebrations are taking place to mark the 20th anniversary of Wigtown being declared Scotland's national book town ... more  Add a comment

12.05.18. Moss Books in Cheltenham currently have 50% off their huge paperback stock.  Add a comment

5.05.18. Popular Sheffield bookshop, Books on the Park is saved from closure with a new name and location ... more  Add a comment

1.05.18. The Daisychain Benevolent Fund Bookshop in Worcester say that they have a 'high turnover of stock from current fiction titles through nonfiction to collectibles.'  Add a comment

26.04.18. 'It was five years since my last trip. Stock improved a good deal since then.' + all the most recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

22.04.18. Bog Myrtle Skye is a bookshop and Café in Struan, with a wide range of secondhand books including; Isle of Skye, Scottish, art and fashion, mountaineering and children's.  Add a comment

20.04.18. 'It has taken 10 years or so but I finally got there!' + all the recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

19.04.18. Just added: Priorsford Books in Peebles who say they have a small but carefully chosen stock and are strong on children's collectables.  Add a comment

16.04.18. Many thanks to Chris Harte for adding the Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop in Topsham, which he reports has a good-sized self-contained bookroom with varied and good quality books.  Add a comment

16.04.18. Last week Inprint Bookshop was well and truly plundered - but while the range of stock is reduced, the quality remains the same - and it's priced to sell. So for one last time, we will open from Tuesday 17th - Saturday 21st of April, 10.00 - 4.30.  Add a comment

8.04.18. John Bentley of Albion Books has a book room in Birmingham, where his stock of mainly military books is viewable by appointment.  Add a comment

8.04.18. I've just added Richards Collectables and Books in Liverpool, which offers 'a unique space filled with books, art from local artists, antiques and collectables.'  Add a comment

1.04.18. Starting Monday Inprint in Stroud are having a final clearance of the stock not going online - serious bargains to be had and prepared to haggle!  Add a comment

29.03.18. I've just added James Francis Books who specialises in rare art and first edition books and is visitable by appointment in South East London.  Add a comment

28.03.18. A number of readers missed the announcement about the closure of The Cottage Bookshop, so here it is again.  Add a comment

28.03.18. 'Two years on from my last visit and I'm glad to report that this endearingly old-fashioned shop hasn't changed' + all the recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

20.03.18. Heartland Old Books in Tiverton has made room amongst its secondhand and antique books for some vintage treasures ... more  Add a comment

19.03.18. Mark Valentine was at the Harrogate Book Fair at the weekend and learned of a new secondhand bookshop that has just opened in West Yorkshire. Colne Valley Bookshop & Collectables is at Britannia Mills in Slaithwaite, and I will add stock details as soon as I have them.  Add a comment

19.03.18. Just 14 DAYS left to bag yourself some bargains at Inprint's lease end sale. 20% - 50%+ off absolutely everything - books, maps, prints, posters ...   Add a comment

18.03.18. The recently added Woolsthorpe Manor Bookshop is in the Lincolnshire National Trust property, which was the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. Expect 'a varied selection of good, quality used books, all very reasonably priced.'  Add a comment

17.03.18. Chris Harte reports that sadly, Peak Volumes in Buxton has now closed due to the owner's death.  Add a comment

14.03.18. The Cottage Bookshop in Penn forced to close its doors after 60 years ... more  Add a comment

12.03.18. Just THREE WEEKS to go before the Inprint sale ends. All our books are what is now referred to as 'Curated' - they were chosen with care and some understanding of the subject matter. 20% - 50% off absolutely everything!  Add a comment

11.03.18. 'Anyone with a morbid fear of being buried alive should avoid this shop like the plague.' + all the recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

9.03.18. Hayloft Bookshop sells secondhand books in the New Inn Visitor Centre at National Trust Stowe - 'a treasure trove of good quality books and a comfy reading chair.'  Add a comment

6.03.18. I've just added This Way Up in Dundee, who say that their speciality is sci-fi, modern classics, poetry and philosophy books + a very big selection of music books and biographies.   Add a comment

26.02.18. Inprint's sale ends on March 31st and we really, really, really are closing the shop - so be quick! There is at least 20% off absolutely everything, including recent purchases, and 50% or more of a wide range of stock.  Add a comment

26.02.18. Paul O adds Invisible Books at Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, which he says is worth a look - especially as you can drop into two other bookshops on the same street.  Add a comment

22.02.18. 'This wonderful shop either needs a day to excavate all the piles ... or just treat it like a lucky dip'+ 17 more recent bookshop reviews.   Add a comment

21.02.18. I've just added Edward Daly Books in Leek, Staffordshire, who describe themselves as: 'A little shop with big ideas and a great atmosphere.'  Add a comment

21.02.18. Beverley Old Bookshop looks to have been saved from closure after a willing volunteer offered to take over its management ... more  Add a comment

19.02.18. Gwyn and Beryl Morris owners of Rhos Point Books in Llandudno are retiring after running the shop since 1995, and there is a closing down sale until April. ... more  Add a comment

15.02.18. Ben Mepham has moved his bookshop, Gladstone Books, from Southwell to The Shambles Antique Centre in Lincoln.  Add a comment

12.02.18. 'I had to add a comment - the shop is transformed - no longer dark and dangerous ...' + all the latest bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

12.02.18. Albion Beatnik bookshop in Jericho has closed after a decade. The shop in Walton Street first opened in 2008, selling new and second-hand books, including 20th-century literature, poetry, and jazz. ... more  Add a comment

4.02.18. Inprint's end of lease book sale - now 50% of many items and at least 20% off everything else.  Add a comment

1.02.18. "Bit of a Driff Special but the owner knew what he had and where to find it" + all the latest bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

29.01.18. More than 3,000 comics from several substantial donations, will be on sale at the Oxfam Bookshop in St Albans from 9 am on Saturday, February 3. ... more  Add a comment

28.01.18. The recently added National Trust Secondhand Bookshop at Tattershall Castle is in the beautiful setting of the historic Guardhouse and contains "a great range of good quality books, very reasonably priced."   Add a comment

22.01.18. Newport Book Shop in Shropshire is holding a closing down sale with up to 50% off.  Add a comment

15.01.18. The fist addition of the new year - The Barrister's Book Chamber in Retford offers antique, vintage and secondhand books from all genres in a book shop with a difference.  Add a comment

15.01.18. 'Very cool bookshop. Prices very friendly, broad interesting stock.' + 20 of the latest bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

14.01.18. Books on the Park in Sheffield faces closure by May with high rents, the effect of internet sales and the reign of charity shops blamed for the decision ... more  Add a comment

8.01.18. Two more recently added National Trust Secondhand Bookshops at Attingham Park near Shrewsbury and Greyfriars House in Worcester  Add a comment

5.01.18. Inprint Bookshop has a new Facebook page ... more  Add a comment

3.01.18. Thanks to Chris Harte for adding the Carmarthen Community Bookshop, of which he says: 'Parking outside is a bit of a problem but the walk from a nearby car-park is well worth the effort.'  Add a comment

2.01.18. Inprint's lease-end sale starts today with at least 20% off everything until 31.03.18.  Add a comment

2.01.18. Over the Christmas break I've added lots of new content to Defective Copy - Selected Ramblings of a Book Junkie and tried to deal with the issues caused by link rot.  Add a comment

2.01.18. The Great Oak Book Shop, in Llanidloes is up for sale ... more  Add a comment