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08 December 2019
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7.11.19. Inside Cambridge's Haunted Bookshop - and the eerie sightings behind its name ... more  Add a comment

28.10.19. 'Here is Narnia, here be Dragons, Tom's Midnight Garden and Proust ...' + 10 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

21.10.19. This morning the Eagle Bookshop in Bedford reopens in magnificent premises in the heart of the town with 5,000 sq ft sales space on the ground floor ... more  Add a comment

19.10.19. Benjamin Zephaniah, who opened The Holbeach Bookshop last October, has agreed to sign copies for sale of his new autobiography on 28 October from 1.00 pm. We will also have donated pre-owned copies of his other books, especially teenage literature, available to purchase, which he will also sign.  Add a comment

19.10.19. I've just added a unit at Barn Antiques in Stratford upon Avon, with about 500 books, predominantly history and military, with some railway and music stock.  Add a comment

10.10.19. 'Easily the best bookshop in Norfolk!' +  8 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

5.10.19. Forest Books of Uppingham in Rutland is in need of a new owner following the death of David Siddons ... more  Add a comment
    Sad to hear that David Siddons has died. I have bought from Forest Books for about 40 years: always very professional. A sad loss. His bibliographical stock must be exceptional. - Chris Arnison 07.10.19

30.09.19. Last chapter for Ian and Pat and the Ben Nevis Book Corner, which closes on October 31 ... more  Add a comment

29.09.19. The historic city of Rochester has been the home of Baggins Book Bazaar since 1986 , now Godfrey George, the owner, is closing that chapter to explore pastures new. If you would like the opportunity to run a business which both serves the needs of the local community and is a delight for visitors, contact Godfrey George on 01634 811651 or email.  Add a comment

25.09.19. Books & Ink have closed their bookshop in Banbury but will be opening very soon in the Cotswolds' town of Winchcombe.  Add a comment

23.09.19. 'If you like books on Albanian Communism then this is your mecca' + 28 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

22.09.19. The Tree House Bookshop in Kenilworth is crowdfunding for equipment to screen films at least twice a month ... more  Add a comment

22.09.19. I've just added Welsh Bridge Books & Collectables in Shrewsbury who stock interesting and unusual books, ephemera, photographs, transport memorabilia and collectables.  Add a comment

19.09.19. Richard Powell has added The Tiny Bookstore in Rye, who say that they have an eclectic collection of books in their tiny space.  Add a comment

19.09.19. Chris Harte has added and recommends Countryside Books at Cromford Mill in Derbyshire.  Add a comment

6.09.19. Simon has added Dunamis in Liskeard, which he says has a small stock of modern first editions and general secondhand books over two floors.  Add a comment

5.09.19. 'The people who run this shop are among the nicest I've ever come across' + 14 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

5.09.19. The Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry has had nearly £1,000 raised for it since it was flooded at the beginning of August ... more  Add a comment

4.09.19. Books 2 Love in Newport on the Isle of Wight has been ordered to pay £400 a year for the boxes of £1 secondhand books on the pavement ... more  Add a comment

30.08.19. 'Good to hear they have had a good season, one to seek out and support!' + 10 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

29.08.19. Thanks to Peter Miller for adding the recently opened Books For Amnesty in London's Kentish Town.  Add a comment

29.08.19. Steve Newman has added The Book Station in Aberdare, South Wales, which he couldn't review because it was closed on the day he visited.  Add a comment

23.08.19. On April Fools' Day 1977 Richard Booth, who has died aged 80, strode down the high street of Hay-on-Wye, Powys, dressed in a home-made crown and fake ermine robe. His intent - to declare the small market town an independent sovereign state - was as visionary as it was bonkers ... more  Add a comment

21.08.19. 'Huge collapsing piles of books taking over. Not easy to browse' + 20 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

21.08.19. Booksellerbull has discovered, added and reviewed the Mallaig Secondhand Bookshop in the Scottish Highlands.  Add a comment

18.08.19. Laurence Batchelor has added Sobell Charity Shop in Oxford, which he says is possibly a 'Driff Special'.  Add a comment

18.08.19. The Second Shelf recently opened in Soho, London and sells rare and collectable books by and about women.  Add a comment

13.08.19. 'My friend toppled a pile of books six feet high that almost set off an avalanche to bury him alive' + 15 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

12.08.19. Housmans Bookshop in King's Cross, London has specialised in radical interest and progressive politics since 1959 and they have a basement full of secondhand titles.  Add a comment

11.08.19. Thanks to Shaun Tyas for adding the Salvation Army Bookshop in Balderton, which he says is 'phenomenal.'  Add a comment

6.08.19. Courtyard Books have moved from Bishops Cleeve in Gloucestershire to Ledbury in Herefordshire, where they will continue to offer a wide selection of new and secondhand books.  Add a comment

6.08.19. The owners of the beautiful, much-loved Till's Bookshop in the heart of Edinburgh are retiring - could you take over? ... more  Add a comment

5.08.19. Acanthophyllum Books have moved from Heswall on Mersyside to Holywell in North Wales.  Add a comment

31.07.19. 'Probably one of the best bookshops I have ever been in' +  12 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

30.07.19. I've just added 35 West in Leominster. Owner Peter Hadley describes as a bookshop with reading and community areas, where the idea is to slow people down and reassert the art of browsing.   Add a comment

27.07.19. An abundance of colourful books fills the stalls outside David’s Books, Music Cards and Café in Letchworth, a thriving bookshop established in 1963 ... more  Add a comment

24.07.19. 'Owners couldn't be more charming and I invariably leave feeling more cheerful than when I arrived' + 13 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

24.07.19. I've recently added The Highland Bookshop, whose 'secondhand selection is a curated mixture of outdoor, mountaineering, nature, a small selection of antiquarian and burgeoning Scottish history and fiction.'  Add a comment

22.07.19. Recently added: A Readers Dream in Melton Mowbray who say that they have 'Over 10,000 books are currently available at the lowest prices.'  Add a comment

18.07.19. TravellingLibrary writes: I was fortunate to discover this enticing and luminous shop (Wenlock Books) just days before its owner, the lovely Anna Dreda, announced its closure. The shop is now no more, but here are a few words by way of obituary: The ambience created by the previous owner in his model restoration of the timber-framed mediaeval house was exceptional, ably enhanced by the warmth and clarity of Anna's displays, her welcoming manner and the activities that she organised both inside and outside the shop. Such joy to see such a little town bucking the bookshop trend, such disappointment to so quickly learn that the magic was about to disappear. Farewell, Wenlock Books, a little piece of Heaven in rural Shropshire.   Add a comment

14.07.19. I've just added Bijou Bookshop, a unit in Happy Days Vintage Homestore in Cowbridge, who say they stock vintage and rare books.  Add a comment

12.07.19. 'Our trip netted some 20 books, I call that a successful visit!' +  13 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

11.07.19. Mark V found The Book Lounge in Kirkby Lonsdale listed in a local leaflet but hasn't had time to visit yet.  Add a comment

11.07.19. Many thanks to Steve Newman for adding two Isle of Wight bookshops - Central Collectables in Newport and the recently opened Reggie's Retro Bookshop & Store in Ventnor.  Add a comment

9.07.19. Added on 26.06.19, Green Baton Books at Molly's Den in Winchester must be that briefest listing in the history of the Bookshop Guide! Robert Brown writes: Just to let you know that this has now closed.  The whole chain of  Molly's Den antique emporiums has collapsed, owing money as usual.  Add a comment

4.07.19. Thanks to Chris Harte for adding the newly opened Goldstone Bookshop in Carmarthen, where he reports that about 20% of the stock is pre-owned.  Add a comment

2.07.19. Green Baton Books is a small unit at Molly's Den in Winchester, 'crammed with military history, art, children's books and vintage delights'.  Add a comment

2.07.19. Malcolm Parker has discovered Shepton Community Bookshop, which opened on June 22. He says that it is not huge, but better than your average charity shop selection ... more  Add a comment

27.06.19. 'So I gave them 9 months and still nothing had improved ...' +  14 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

26.06.19. Thanks to Nicholas Sack for adding Steep Street Coffee House in Folkestone, who describe themselves as: 'a literary coffee shop inspired by the famous book cafes of Paris.'  Add a comment

23.06.19. The owners of Roadmaster Books in Rochester and Poor Richard's Books Felixstowe are both looking to retire from bookshop keeping. However, they would very much like their shops to continue - so if you fancy a life on the other side of the counter, give them a call.  Add a comment

17.06.19. Thanks to Jon Morgan for adding the recently opened Books For Amnesty in Norwich.  Add a comment

13.06.19. Francesca Wilkins has just opened The Margate Bookshop with around 2000 new books and will add 1000 secondhand books that she hoarded in her small London flat over the years. ... more  Add a comment

13.06.19. 'Owner now restored to health and open as advertised' + 13 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

10.06.19. La librairie in Hammersmith offers secondhand books in French, for anyone who needs or wants to read in French.  Add a comment

7.06.19. Laurence Batchelor has added Wadebridge Bookshop which sells primarily new books but also has a room full of secondhand ones.  Add a comment

7.06.19. Yesterday's Guardian artice on how UK booksellers keep afloat includes inverviews with two owners of secondhand bookshops - Broadleaf Books in Abergavenny and Arthur Probsthain in central London. ... more  Add a comment

4.06.19. James Mackay adds the recently opened Green Ink Booksellers in Hay-on-Wye. But he's not impressed by them wanting £50 for the first Penguin edition of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', which he says ran to more than a million copies.  Add a comment

4.06.19. 'After 18 years, this shop (Camden Lock Books) will cease trading on 31 July 2019' + all the other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

1.06.19. You can run London secondhand bookshop, Offside Books, for the day - just like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill ... more  Add a comment

31.05.19. Wenlock Books will cease trading next month amid difficult trading conditions and a lack of footfall.  ... more  Add a comment

30.05.19. Nicholas Sack adds an Oxfam Bookshop in Reigate that we had missed, which he says is 'well worth a shufty'.  Add a comment

29.05.19. Many thanks to Chris Harte for adding the recently opened St Richard's Hospice Book & Media Store in Tewkesbury, which he recomends.  Add a comment

26.05.19. The Rabbit Hole Independent Bookshop in Brigg is a recently opened Bookshop selling new books on the ground floor and secondhand books and vinyl upstairs.  Add a comment

14.05.19. I'm out of the office until May 24 and with limited internet access, it will be maintance only until then.  Add a comment

13.05.19. Hawkridge Books who had a bookshop in Castletown from 1995-2010, have returned to shopkeeping in Bakewell. They specialise in ornithology and natural history, but sell quality books books in all subjects.  Add a comment

7.05.19. 'Serious, erudite bookdealer in an adventure of a shop with extensive stock in a tight space' + 14 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

7.05.19. Thanks to Chris Browning for adding the Emmaus Department Store in Rochdale, which he says has a floor purely of books.  Add a comment

2.05.19. Many thanks to John of Pitch22 in York for the news that George Ramsden of Stone Trough Books died earlier this month and the shop has closed. There's an obit in the Telegraph (free to read if you register). Good to be reminded that it was once described as "an anti-bookshop.  Add a comment

30.04.19. Eric Goodyer has recently opened Birsay Books on Orkney. Expect books on Orkney, ornithology, natural history, science fiction & fantasy, as well as other subjects.  Add a comment

26.04.19. G. & J. Chesters - who closed their High Street shop in Polesworth last year - are now visitable by appointment at a warehouse in the same town.  Add a comment

25.04.19. 'This is run by the same bloke who ran Tome a few years back' + 12 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

16.04.19. I've just added J. E. Books in Hull who stock new and secondhand books as well as literary gifts.  Add a comment

9.04.19. A bumper bunch of 23 bookshop reviews, with particular thanks to Chris Harte.  Add a comment

8.04.19. I've just added Citadel Books in Edinburgh run by author-poet, Alan Spence and wife, Jan.  Add a comment

25.03.19. Chris Browning has added Brame Books in Halifax, which he describes as being a large room in the Old Bank with a general stock.  Add a comment

25.03.19. Booksellerbull has added Caberfeidh Horizons, a Social Enterprise Charity Bookshop in Kingussie.  Add a comment

24.03.19. I'm afraid I've been fully occupied moving our stock out of temporary storage and into our new bookroom - so here's a rather belated roundup of bookshop reviews added over the last few weeks.  Add a comment

18.03.19. A new bookshop is opening in Hay-on-Wye (should I list this?) ... more  Add a comment

18.03.19. Alnwick's famous secondhand bookshop Barter Books wants to open an ice-cream parlour ... more  Add a comment

27.02.19. Mark Valentine has added The Children's Society Bookshop in Shipley, which he says is one medium-sized room, good quality paperback fiction, miscellaneous non-fiction, very reasonably priced.   Add a comment

27.02.19. JM adds the Oxfam Book Shop in Epping which he says only opened 21.2.19 - but he bought three items. Extensive modern fiction and Crime section.  Add a comment

21.02.19. Dave Berry opened Vintage etc in Eastbourne today. Expect loads of books all @ £2, a small antiquarian section and decorative books by the yard.  Add a comment

19.02.19. Moss Books in Cheltenham has 50% off all art and military books until March 2.  Add a comment

17.02.19. The owner of Literally A Bookshop - a secondhand bookshop in New Brighton - has been fined £300 after a company classed the remnants of her lunch as commercial waste ... more  Add a comment

13.02.19. 'This shop and owner are shockers' + 14 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

30.01.19. BookLovers of Bath has opened a bookshop called Fact or Fable in Peasedown St John, near Bath. The shop houses around 3,000 carefully selected books and the separately housed internet stock may be brought out for inspection with a little notice.  Add a comment

30.01.19. Booksellerbull has added Strathcarron Hospice Bookshop in Falkirk where he says the stock is the usual charity shop fare - but if you’re prepared to dig deep you can find some gems.  Add a comment

28.01.19. Curlews Bookshop in Barnard Castle, which closed in November last year has now reopened as McNab's Books selling secondhand and new books with a café next door.  Add a comment

21.01.19. 'Is it one of those annoying seasonal bookshops, I wonder?' + 10 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

8.01.19. John Cox has recently opened Pitch 22 in York, selling an eclectic mix of records of all genres, and a wide selection of books, ephemera and art.  Add a comment

5.01.19. 'Lovely shop in an unexpected location. Well laid out and prices fair' + 18 other recent bookshop reviews.  Add a comment

5.01.19. Marlow's Oxfam Bookshop to close down  ... more  Add a comment

3.01.19. Dalmellington Book Town - on the road to nowhere. Flip M Writes: This is fascinating - I drove past Dalmellington recently and saw a street sign pointing towards the town centre and "Bookshops" and thought "I didn't know there were any bookshops there"! We just moved to a village nearby and briefly got my hopes up - I googled "Dalmellington bookshops" and your page came up! Clearly, 1 sign at least evaded the cull in 2005!  Add a comment